Thursday, September 10, 2009

Check, @14KT

Today was spent interviewing an mc/producer from the Athletic Mic League (my favorite Michigan rap crew), 14KT.

You can find his quick biography here.

Descry: State ya name and where are you from?
KT: 14KT, I'm from Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Descry: You spoke to Potholes briefly about the album with Othello, how far is that in terms of being released?
KT: We're still developing concepts for songs, but we do have a title and were about 8-9 joints deep! Should be done by top of next year hopefully!

Descry: Speaking of new just dropped Nowalataz which received alot of praise on twitter. How do you feel about the immediate access you have to your fans through social media?
KT: Much love to EVERYONE who showed love on the nowalataz album! I think that the immediate access to fans is a great networking tool. I actually tested the nowalataz album out using nothing, but social media to get the word out. I was hoping that if people liked the album, word of mouth would carry it into its success. So far so good. Thank you everyone!

Descry: From a producer to another producer, what are equipment are you using? Do you quantize? What are some of your go to pieces?
KT: I'm using adobe audition, a few synth vsts, motif, turntables, bass, guitar, percussion, and still getting feet wet with Reason. Naw, I don't quantize. My go to pieces are records. I try not to sample sometimes, but vinyl is my vice.

Descry: Do you have a day job? if so, how do you juggle between life and music?
KT: Naw, no day job. Since 06', when I finished college, nothing but music full-time and boy has it been hard..

Descry: Do you have any other passions other than music?
KT: That's a good question. I'm still in the soulsearching phase, but I do have a love for God so I've been thinking of ways to apply whatever my skills are to living more for God. Also, I have a passion for investing and entrepreneurship. I like coming up with ideas/concepts for businesses and projects.

Descry: What's some advice you can give to other producers? Any particular ways to give out beat CDs or the like?
KT: My only advice is to embrace your uniqueness as a person and learn how to incorporate that into your style of production. Also, learn music theory so you can expand on your ideas with production and work better with other musicians.

As far as beat cds, I've tried many methods and some work for different situations. I usually work on beats for a certain artist and send them the joints personally. If I don't do that, I make a small batch of beats and send them to a list of cats. Not really up on just giving out beat cds bcuz cats just leak/bootleg the ish, therefore making it hard for you to get work bcuz artists already heard the. That's something I really hate about the music production game.

Descry: Thanks KT, always a pleasure!
KT: Thank you for taking time out to interview a brother. I really appreciate it!!

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