Friday, September 4, 2009

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Today's interview is with quadruple threat (programmer, DJ, MC, producer), Virgin Island born, hip-hop artist--Insight. He has been releasing music since 1997 and has a staggering 60 releases under his discography. He has done music for and/or recorded with: KRS One, Consequence, Ed Og, Mr Lif, Edan, OC, Opio, AG, and more.

This guy was the first one to ever teach me about the music business (back in...2003) and how to keep moving in such a fast paced industry. I owe alot of my industry knowledge to this guy! Check out a quick conversation we had in AIM (AOL Instant Messsenger) about what he's been up to lately.

Check out his site or blog for more info!

me: Yo, ‘sight

insight: Yooo. Sup kid, I’m in France

me: haha, I knew you were somewhere—world traveler

insight: lol. I’ve been busy programming a VST that has an iPhone version, but its 16 tracks with time stretch, automation and a sampler.

me: sounds similar to FXpansion’s Guru?

insight: This is a step sequencer with swing settings that is touch based. It also has an internal puncher, compresser, and effects and a sequencer. I’ve been [working on this project] so I can do music 100 percent without worrying about financial stability.

me: So, your vst, you're a programmer and a rapper? How do they go hand in hand How did you get into programming?

insight: I started out as an artist, DJ and producer. Instead of simply being a producer, I wanted to create a machine. Instead of being limited to functions in particular software, I wanted to develop my own. There is nothing wrong with having goals greater than your reach. By working towards those dreams, I still arrived to a new territory. I believe that since music will become more interactive, programming builds the bridge to it's future. Society is ready. Music files should include other interactive forms of media…especially since we have devices capable of handling and syncing technologies. When I say that the music should be interactive, it's that simple

me: Will you also be including new insight music in the VST package?

insight: I will feature some songs in the vst as demos

me: How did you come to learn programming languages? Which ones are you most adept in?

insight: One big thing that got me into programming was a C toolkit called Juce.

But now I only code using C, C++ or Objective C. I started programming php, mysql and actionscript when Flash was Flash Paper. That was almost nine years ago. Three years ago I started learning C, and I also started programming basic midi applications. Although my goal then was a full fledged sequencer, I didnt know how much information I’d really need. So, I started programming basic windows applications. A year an a half ago, I got a mac, and learned objective C

insight: No doubt bro!

me: What's your direction after the VST is finished?

insight: Some big companies want me to develop applications based on music synthesis. But another Insight album will drop at the same time due to the unsteadiness of the music industry. Something like a co-release with the VST will greatly help the marketing of the new product.

me: Are you still using the mpc 3000?

insight: Yes 3000, although I've been using whatever I'm around.

me: What're some tips you can give to a cat who just finds himself on the 3k or any other drum machine?

insight: Use swig functions more!

me: What're some swing settings you'd recommend?

insight: Experiment with adjusting start time offset to allow drums to punch more, but understand that simply syncing sounds with the machine using midi, wont actually give you the benefit of the machines quality. Understand that simply syncing sounds with the machine using midi, won’t actually give you the benefit of the machines quality.

me: Do you shift in step edit, or do you do it manually?

insight: That depends. I prefer precisely placed patterns so I do drums manually, then go in and manipulate things further to match the samples.


Thanks for the time! Always appreciate it ‘Sight

insight: No doubt bro!

insight: No doubt bro!

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