Thursday, September 3, 2009

Check, @imOutasight

The first interview of the series kicks off with my dude from NYC, Outasight. This east coast native has seen a lot in the past few months. There's so much back story about the past few months...where do I begin?

In any case, he just dropped a new track yesterday (September 02, 2009) entitled "Downtown In My Mind" produced by D/, I took the time to catch up with him this morning.

What's up OU? Right off the bat as a fan....I gotta ask, where's your album [From Here To Eternity] at? I was hoping my summer bbq's would be filled with your music playing in the background.

Well, thank you for the props…The album is just taking time in terms of distribution and getting the right people behind it. Trust me, it’ll be worth the wait. When I drop my album, I want it to be done the right way, so as many people as possible can hear it….

You leaked Downtown in My Mind yesterday, what's the story behind the track?
Downtown in My Mind is a joint that reflects when someone who wants to get away from everything, including their own thoughts. I’m a New York City cat, so downtown is a place of vibrancy, a place that is different than say the usual drudges of everyday hustle. Going downtown in your mind is basically opening yourself up from those routine moments…

We've seen you and 6th Sense collaborate on a ton of tracks, how did that initial meeting come about?

6th and I met last December through a mutual friend by the name of Black Element. We live in the same area and are both music geeks, so we hit it off right away and have been making music ever since.

We've also seen a good friend, Cook Classics, on a few of your tracks as well. Matter of fact, I think "What I Know" is my favorite song in 2009. How did that relationship develop?

Cook and I met through 6th actually, as Cook was in NYC at the Knitting Factory at a small show 6th had put together. I rocked a song or two and afterwards Cook and I chopped it up. He sent me some joints the next day and I knew he was a monster from then on. We got a lot of dope joints people haven’t even heard yet, some really big stuff. Cook is definitely the homie too for allowing 6th and I to crash on his couches for over a month this past winter as we mixed and recorded records!

In your pictures of shows and your last mixtape [From Here to There] cover, you're dressed very differently that an average hip-hopper--almost gq-ish. what's your inspiration? Are there any brands you recommend to someone who's trying to get their gentleman game up?
I have always been into more classic styling’s. Basically, a no logo approach. I figure that you should be in style today...what if someone took a photo, 40 years from now? There are a lot of great brands out today, from J Lindeberg, APC, and Dior. But times are hard, so people can even hit places like H&M or Banana Republic and piece it together. The key to fashion is to be yourself, and wear $-!t that fits well, never too baggy and never too tight either!

What are some of your passions besides music?
I’m and avid sports fan-Knicks, Yankees, and Giants. Football is great because it’s once a week so following is way easier than the day in day out grind of baseball or basketball. I play basketball still, regularly, great exercise and I can shoot…

I also enjoy reading and fashion as well.

I am a simple man in a complex world ahaha!

How's the daily grind? Do you currently hold a day job? How're you surviving in a city that has a notioriously high standard of living?
I have not had a day job since October of last year! I am a working artist, via writing, placements, and of course putting out records. I am surviving pretty well. Truly I feel blessed that in these hard times I am able to make a living doing what I want to do. I am thankful on a daily basis!

Time to get tourist. What are some of your fave spots to grub in NYC?
If I were to visit, what kind of food would I be looking at?

First off, you gotta get Pizza. I recommend a spot called Stromboli’s on St Marks and 1st Ave in the East Village. Totally Underrated.

Then on 2nd ave, there’s a spot called Paul’s Burgers. Insanely greasy, insanely delicious.

Sunday brunch at 7A on 7th street and Ave A is where it’s at, just get there before 1 if you want to sit outside, and have a bloody mary, they're delicious!

And if you can, travel up to the Bronx and have authentic Italian food at a little spot known as Patricia’s, their Gnocchi Bolognese is beyond incredible.

Lastly, what will we be seeing from you in the couple of months?
Well I got a new project I’m going to drop September 28th, called the Brand New Day Sessions, which will have a slew of new stuff for the listeners to enjoy. It’s a way to keep people in the know and happy as we prep the album. I’m also rocking the A3C festival in Atlanta and look forward to doing some more show across the land as time goes on. Oh, and the video for Brand New Day!

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