Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Check, @6thSense

New York City...birthplace of hip-hop. The standard makers for the music I fell in love with--hip-hop. Today features an interview with a Bronx born MC/Producer named 6th Sense who is definitely on the next level.

Co-signed by everyone from Mick Boogie to internet tastemakers like Eskay, 6th Sense is definitely someone you should be checking for!

me: We've been seeing you on a lot of production duties lately. Are you starting to shift your attention away from MCing?

6th: I started off '09 with a resolution of sorts to give the proper attention to my production. I still rhyme though. There are small pieces here and there that have popped up, and there's more to look forward to.

me: Word, I've seen a mpc1000 in a couple of the videos online. Is that your main weapon of choice—any other pieces that you co-sign?

6th: Yeah the MPC1000 is the baby. Not to knock the software out there, I just like the mental process of sequencing drums on the MPC as opposed to clicking the mouse. It's also easy to travel with. I use Reason to play sounds into Pro Tools. There are some other odds and ends that I dabble with, but that's pretty much the core for my basement setup.

me: Any swing settings or other tips you recommend for newer producers who want to get a mpc1000?

6th: None in particular.

me: I'm from the west coast, so besides the cats you work with like Outasight, Fresh

Daily, and Kid Daytona...who else should I be checking for?

6th: That's funny you mention Fresh, cause me and Fresh never did anything together, although he did play me something he did to a beat of mine. Maybe we'll do some music in the future. As far as other folks to check for, just check for everyone that will be on "It's A 6th Sense Mixtape Yo!!" that will be coming out soon.

me: Hmm, I think he showed me that track as well. Didn’t know you didn’t get up in the lab with him.

6th: I think it was called "Gutter Man"

me: Yeah, something like that.

6th: Shout out to Fresh Daily and the whole AOK, great people.

me: Do you have an exact date for the new mixtape?

6th: Not at the moment. Just tying up the last bits and pieces of it. There's a whole lot of material on it. I'd say it's looking at a late October release.

me: Word, thanks for the time homie!

6th: Not a problem. Any time.

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